Booking Mr Wilkins Shilling for your event

We love to dance for various groups of people: fairs, fetes, weddings, company events and folk festivals. You can book us to come and do a performance for you, but there are some things we need first…


We generally undertake bookings around the Bath area – Somerset, southern Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Bristol, though we have been known to venture into Oxfordshire on occasion.

There must be hard standing if outside (tarmac, flat paving, concrete, wood etc.) or a hard floor if inside (wood, concrete, lino etc.) that will stand up to clogs.  Preferably there should be no obstacles in the way either, such as upstanding manhole covers or other mosaic designs set into the pavement (ask for more information if you think this might be an issue)

Must be a space of no less than 3 x 4 metres (approx. 10x13ft in old money) excluding space for the audience round about us.  Some dances are very square and some are quite long, so we need all of this.

Please don’t put us too close to another musical act if there is one – we need to be able to hear our own (unenhanced) musicians.


We don’t dance in rain, it’s too dangerous as we will slip on our clogs.  Wind can also be an issue, but we haven’t yet cancelled a dance out because of it.  We do watch the weather forecast during the week beforehand and will be in contact with you if this is likely to be an issue.


We normally dance at the weekends as many of our members work during the week.  As you can imagine, we do get booked up in advance, so ask us well in advance if we are free when you would like us to come to visit.  We will also consider short-term requests in an emergency, but no less than two weeks before the event as we have to check the side’s availability.


We currently charge £120 per dance out.  This will cover two ‘spots’ during an event (usually separated by about 30 minutes between the end of one and start of the next to allow our dancers to catch their breath).  The number of dancers can vary between 4 and 8, plus one or more musicians. Each spot lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. For example, we can dance from 12-12.30, then again at 1.00-1.30, though we are happy to fit in with any reasonable plans you might have – just not longer than 30 minutes per set.

Contact us:

Please see the Contact page if you would like more information or are interested in booking us for your event.